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Tompkins Robotics / T-Sort, a portable automated sortation system providing unmatched flexibility and throughput


T-Sort, a portable automated sortation system providing unmatched flexibility and throughput. The design can accomplish volumes ranging from millions of units a day to a small operation in the backroom of a supercenter or mall anchor store, at lower capital and greater performance than the systems on the market today.

Tompkins International / Tompkins Robotics, a progressive unit and package grouping framework that has been patented for North America and Europe.

Tompkins Robotics has teamed up with Lab Z to present the compact framework of programmed organization, called t-Sort. This new and inventive automated innovation will help to assemble first-rate supply chains, providing unparalleled adaptability and execution. The plan can achieve volumes ranging from a large number of units every day to a small task in the back room of a supercenter or a store in a mall.

The t-Sort frame acts as a tilt plate or a cross-band sorter. However, the only distinction is that it uses fully autonomous robots. This is proportional to having a tilt plate without a track that allows each robot to move autonomously to any avalanche or side passage station in the shortest way.

This greatly increases the effectiveness to increase their operational capabilities. Robots, slopes and enlistment stations can be included separately whenever there is no intrusion or downtime, an extra robot of seconds can be included. A unique element is that the framework is acquired regularly, granting capital speculation and making more extreme use of the benefit in a consistent manner, different from a conventional classifier that one buys for its long-term development plan. A factory establishment execution takes three to four months to start.

t-Sort gives:

Productivity: robots move along the most direct course.

Use of the warehouse: regularly ≤ 25% of the usual characterization space.

Isolated: robots can be added in the middle of the high season to build the execution.

More extreme adaptability: arrangement of units and packages at the same time, adaptable to demand, convenient and configurable without fixed foundation.

The robots are more affordable: from 40% to 60% not so much as a conventional tilting plate or a cross-band frame.

Limit: the framework for the most part has some levels and gives a factor ≥2 to the volume, the characterization approaches and the limit in a solitary print.

Contribute as necessary: ​​the framework is purchased and introduced each year as needed or as a development benchmark. It postpones the capital company and allows the full utilization of the advantage.

Faster inceptions: the use is of 3 to 5 months in contrast to a common transport time of 10 to 14 months.

Higher rate of return: company downsizing, shorter transport times, faster use, reduced space, reduced workforce control and incremental costs of speculation / development: all efforts created an expansion of more than 2 times on arrival at the enterprise.

Repetition and risk relief: there is certainly no single purpose of disappointment anywhere in the framework.

The standard framework works in two levels and allows the grouping of a great variety of articles. Unique things range from a high degree of small beauty care products to one gallon containers of fluid. The frame is perfect for dealing with clothes and footwear, actions in general, singular things and interior packages. Dispatched packages include bags, boxes and commercials. As a general rule, the frame handles heaps of up to 30 x 36 inches. The robots effortlessly transport round and hollow items and other problematic components through remarkable plaque plans. Given the interesting adaptability of this application, numerous ideas of use have been produced, with different large-scale national clients reserved for execution in 2018.

Consistency of the business on the Internet: a great variety of elements that deal with capacities, encourages the determination of concentrated SKU activity groups and offers a better grouping of units than the established monitoring frameworks on a regular basis.

Store refill: organized specifically at a grocer or entrance ramps to pack. You can persistently track the substance, the solid form and the weight to ensure that the 3D square of performance is limited.

Package layout: t-Sort offers an adaptable and expandable package order arrangement that can deal with containers, envelopes and mail packages in a similar framework and occupies a wide variety of repositories.

Takeaway Station Pack: Easily adjusts to provide online stations that allow administrators to go specifically to perfection. Classify the robot for online exhibition and transport to characterization.

Transforming the network technique of your store into an aggressive power that meets your present and future needs does not need to be a figure.

Tompkins International will work with your vision to evaluate, create and calculate the best inventory network task methodologies for your business, and additionally the operational plans that run the systems. Create and lead the change of your production network, while creating the best partnership plan and change the administration to promote the magnificence in the store network.

A store network task technique answers the business questions that accompany it:

Are the production network systems (coordination approaches, dispersion approaches, distribution centers and different offices) located in the right places with the right missions?

Are the flows of goods through the systems productive with respect to costs? Speed? Precision?

Is the association of the inventory network and related systems ready to be productively adjusted to present and future controls?

Is the income timely? Is the viable money cycle added to a main monetary execution?

Is it cooperative with different commercial capacities? With business accomplices?

Is the association of the store network adequate? Balanced? Is the perfection of the store network in the official plan?

Source video, text and image: Tompkins International
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