Komatsu / WA arrangement Wheel Loaders


Komatsu Europe International N.V. The WA380-8 offers an exceptional blend of security, breakout control and tractive push to clients and is ideal for any moving, transport or stacking work. Accessible machine connections stretch out the machine’s adaptability to squander taking care of or quarry applications. (Komatsu / WA arrangement Wheel Loaders).

Security, breakout control and tractive exertion

With one of the most astounding breakout powers in its class and amazing parity, the WA380-8 is made for extreme burrowing assignments. It’s is perfect for conveying channel, sand and different totals, site tidy up and bolster, delving into heaps and refilling.

Vast limit torque converter with bolt up

Phenomenal tractive exertion for simple scooping

Best in class machine steadiness

Unrivaled dumping stature and reach

Programmed container filling framework

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Motor Power

143/192 kW/HP

Pail limit

3,1-6,5 m³

Tipping Load

15,5 t.

Working Weight

18,5-20 t.


Profitability and fuel productivity

Komatsu wheel loaders are top entertainers, with high efficiency levels and low fuel utilization. Rely on them to convey greatest edge force and quick tasks in any condition.


Top of the line administrator comfort

Appreciate a top of the line ride and working solace. The bigger taxi – with expanded leg space – , a 360° perceivability and the choice warmed air-suspended driver situate are only a couple of the fundamental standard highlights you will discover on a Komatsu wheel loader.


Simple upkeep

Komatsu planned its wheel loaders with powerful parts that have a long administration life, and with the best-in-class access to control focuses. Administration interims have additionally been extended so machine downtime and upkeep costs are lessened to a base.

KOMTRAX™ gives you a chance to screen all the fundamental data about your Komatsu gear.

Komatsu CARE™ is an upkeep program that comes as standard with your new Komatsu machine.

Ecologically benevolent

Komatsu is focused on creating condition benevolent items at aggressive costs. Because of a solid market nearness, new advances and fuel effective motors Komatsu straightforwardly adds to decrease NOx discharges.

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