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With its fun moves, lights, customized music and in excess of 40 tunes, songs and learning phrases, Robot Robi is the ideal companion for the youngster to move and have some good times! The Robi robot from FisherPrice is an inviting companion who urges the youngster to get up and move. Moreover, on account of this toy, the kid will take in a lot of things !.

By squeezing your paunch secured with LED lights or the catches on your feet, the youngster gets prizes as fun melodies, learnings, and moves. It incorporates three working alternatives that adjust to the youngster’s development.

In the alternative ‘¡To Dance!’, Robot Robi shakes his hips, shakes his head and transmits amusing music with the goal that the youngster is urged to move. The alternative ‘Learning and recreations’ educates the letters, the hues or to check, and furthermore incorporates a fun move !.

The choice ‘Record and remix’ enables you to record an expression for the Robi Robot to remix and transform it into an awesome tune! Watch how it develops! The fun music and developments of the Robi Robot urge the youngster to move and move, what that encourages you to practice your gross engine aptitudes.

The brilliant hues, the moves, the music, the lights and the diverse surfaces help to animate the kid’s sight, hearing and contact. Also, by squeezing the paunch or feet of the Robi Robot, the tyke finds that his activities can influence clever things to happen, enabling him to start to comprehend the reason impact relationship.

Agree to accept fun! As the kid develops, you can grow the diversion potential outcomes by educating the youngster the distinctive shades of the Robi Robot. ‘See, he has a green face, a red mouth, and blue feet!’ For more fun, make inquiries, for example, ‘Is your face green as well?’

Your enormous tummy is canvassed in bright LED lights. Robot Robi hits the dance floor with hips and head. Its three amusement choices are adjusted to the tyke’s development. To move !: the energetic music urges the youngster to move. Learning and recreations: Teach the letters, the scents, to tell and numerous more things !.

Incorporates the alternative ‘Record and remix’: the guardians or the youngster can record an expression for the Robi Robot to remix and transform it into an incredible melody! The Robi Robot is initiated by squeezing its tummy or any of the three catches on its feet.

With his activities, the kid gets Robot Robi to do diverse things: an extraordinary method to take in the reason impact relationship! It reinforces the tyke’s gross and fine engine abilities.

Music, tunes, expressions, lights and splendid hues help to empower the kid’s faculties !.

General Characteristics

Psychopedagogical characteristicsSensory advancement

Manual ability



Suggested Age

Age From 1 to 3 years.

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Source video: Fisher-Price® España


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