Notion / multipurpose sensors notifies things that concern you in your home


Notion is the solution of awareness of the home that through a multipurpose sensor and an easy-to-use mobile application, notifies you immediately about the things that concern you: water leaks, smoke alarms, temperature changes and doors, garages and opening and closing windows.

Control your house from the place you are ..
Notion is an Oreo size sensor that you can place in your home to receive alerts for doors that open, water leaks and temperature changes.

Notion’s all-in-one sensor monitors your home and sends you notifications if something happens, very effective when you are not there.

Know when the entrance door is open. As with a garage, a bathroom, a safe.

Notion is more than a sensor. Notion is relax, security, inmediately solution of problems. There are a lot benefits thanks this IoT solutionvs

Leak notifications to avoid costly damages.

Polling alarms, activation of a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm if you are not at home.

Temperature readings, example readings of a room when too high or low.

Window Alerts Monitor the security of the home and save on your energy bill by knowing when your windows are open.

Get more information about all Notion features.

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“The notion is changing the way we interact with our homes.”

“Of all the smart devices for the home in the market, Notion is one of the simplest, and that’s a good thing.”

“Why limit yourself to your doors and windows, the wide range of Notion sensors means you can use it to control anything.”

Receive notifications directly to your phone.
The Notion iOS and Android application allows you to see what happens in your home no matter where you are.

Notion is small enough to fit almost anywhere in your home, but it includes a lot of technology in its small size.

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