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Last thought of Accenture. Retirement reinvented pensions for the digital age.

According to Accenture, people check their mobile every 6 minutes. 74% of people seek customer support on mobile devices. 87% of the members of the retirement system would be willing to use a mobile application.

Public pensions agencies must keep pace with rising expectations. The goal is to provide members with personalized services and multichannel options. The sustainability of the funds must be balanced with the adequacy of the benefits.

Four fundamental changes are disrupting the pension landscape, creating possibilities for new delivery models.

Ambitious pension agencies can evolve to proactively advise members as reliable retirement trainers.

The digital self-service reduces the person. By which they can focus on adding value and improving the impact.

As the registration systems become truly interactive, the analyzes can anticipate the needs and offer better efficiency

The change of the delivery in the facilities to the cloud allows the agencies to innovate.

With new and powerful platforms, technologies and services
models, we are entering a golden age of digital
retirement agency. Estass new platforms allow you
differentiate, innovate and transform retirement.

Understand how each of the four major pension changes described impacts on a business and forms a future. To determine the vision for

Then, imagine how the new change will affect members,
Employers and staff. Design and delivery services, innovative ways of
educate them and attract them.

Enabling new digital technologies: mobile, social, data and
Analysis of your business processes, talent and culture. Create engine that allows to operate more intelligently and offer new

Make the transformation be maintained:
networks, service ecosystems and cyber

Accenture surveyed public and private employees to find out what they really think of their pension plans and retirement preparation.

Members value their pension benefits and health care benefits. People may not be as prepared for retirement as they think they are. The desire to implement digital retirement services such as coaching is intensifying. Opportunities abound for pension agencies to involve members in all phases of the pension life cycle.

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