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Smart Home. NeuroPilot, Edge AI Platform & AI Technology For Cross Platform

Highly integrated solutions, specially designed and extremely low energy consumption, for short and medium range connectivity. The products include support for various peripherals and interfaces with advanced Cortex-M processors and custom-designed power control units to provide industry-leading IoT connectivity solutions.

NeuroPilot Artificial Intelligence
Edge-AI Technology

As the industry leader in the development of powerful, highly integrated and efficient on-chip (SoC) products, MediaTek is opening the doors to the future of artificial intelligence by creating hardware processing with an Edge-AI ecosystem along with complete software tools across its product range: from smartphones, to smart homes, portable items, IoT and connected cars.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance at an accelerated pace, the technology we use in our homes, workplaces and cities is changing, bringing us new experiences and changing the way we interact with the world.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence allows the use of technologies such as deep learning for face detection (DL-DF), real-time face optimization with new overlays, identification of objects and scenes , AR / MR acceleration, improvements and real-time amplifications to photography and video, among many others.

The future of devices enhanced with AI is great. Imagine using perfectly tailored devices to your needs and habits: a smartphone that tracks your health and requests your medicine before getting sick; A smart home that turns on lights and heating just before your arrival. That’s when Edge-AI comes into play.

Egde-AI At the tip of technology

The rapid evolution of improved artificial intelligence is changing the way that devices are manufactured and used. This change in demand is motivating products that take the AI improvements to the extreme; in the products that we use at home, in a vehicle or in a person ..

The advantages of state-of-the-art computing include real-time immediacy, data privacy and lower overall energy consumption.

MediaTek NeuroPilot
With MediaTek NeuroPilot we are entering the Edge-AI challenge. Through heterogeneous computing capabilities such as CPU, GPU and APU (AI processing units) that we integrate into our SoC products, we are providing high performance and energy efficiency for AI functions and applications.

Advantage of MediaTek NeuroPilot

The APU is the MediaTek AI processing unit. This hardware can consist of an AI processing unit with one or more cores. In particular, our ‘Mobile APU 1.0’ is the first generation of APU designed specifically for smartphones and mobile devices, offering an AI processing operation with great energy efficiency.

This allows developers to write the same code that they can apply to all existing and future MediaTek platforms and across all product lines, including smartphones, automotive, smart home, IoT and more.

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