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Petcube is a pioneer in advances based on artificial intelligence with camera devices.

Petcube foresees in 2018 to introduce important advances in the recognition of the behavior of pets, thanks to artificial intelligence and automatic learning.

Petcube’s camera devices are trained to detect your pet and activate a video of your pet, which will be forwarded through notification through the Petcube application.

Your pet can call you, and get a preview with the pet’s selfie. You can accept the video call or review it at another time in the app’s history.

Petcube uses the technology of movement mapping so that according to gestures and body language, knowing your pet’s mood: active, calm, anxious.

Petcube has an HD camera for pets that, in addition to monitoring its activity, throws candies. The camera broadcasts videos in 1080p HD and its video has a 138º wide-angle view.

3x digital zoom

Two-way audio for listening and speaking

Night vision with infrared LED

Sound and movement alerts

You can share your photos and videos to the most popular social networks. The video recording is based on an amplification of the voice and has a record of recordings over time.

You can reward your pet remotely, just by tapping your phone.

The elegant camera for pets has a container that has a capacity of up to 10,000 treats

You can make your pet active, throwing treats at different distances, up to 6 feet.

You can mix the treats you provide to your pet, and in turn you can rearrange them.

You can also operate the candy throwing camera using Alexa., Enabling the pet’s playing time.

Petcube Bites treat cam is compatible with a variety of candy brands. You can recharge it with crunchy treats with dimensions of 1 “or less.

Easy to fill

Simply open the lid of the container to load sweets.

Easy to clean

The removable treatment vessel is dishwasher safe (up to 130 ° F), or can be washed by hand

Petcube Bites is easy to fill, you just have to open the lid of the container to fill the candy.

Petcube Bites is easy to clean and maintain.

The treatment vessel is removable, being dishwasher safe (up to 130 ° F), being able to be washed by hand

Petcube has partnered with Wellness®, a wellness candy distributor, which comes with Petcube Bites.

Petcube Bites treat cam is compatible with a variety of candy brands. Use crunchy treats with dimensions of 1 “or less.

Two-way audio, you can watch, listen and talk from your phone.

Look, listen and speak from your phone.

Night vision. You can watch your pet from the dark

Spy on your best friend in the dark.

The Amazon Dash replenishment service (DRS) offers to automatically reorder and ship the treats to your home, using the Petcube application or the Amazon account.

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