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SICK | Safe Robotics, AG Sequence monitoring


Safe Sequence Monitoring from SICK allows a flexible and customized human-robot-interaction.

Wiped out | Safe Robotics, AG Sequence Monitoring

Safe Robotics

Sensor answers for mechanical autonomy

The sheltered joint effort amongst people and robots on an equivalent balance is the essential for high profitability, expanding proficiency, and enhanced ergonomics. Security innovation subsequently assumes a key part. Tired’s broad of security arrangements empowers healthy and safe human mediation into the robot framework and diminishes downtime underway. This can be accomplished with a versatile impression of the earth with the guide of clever, rough, and dependable sensors and safe frameworks. Wiped out with an expansive arrangement of administrations reaching out from the primary discussion through charging and upkeep, right the route up to preparing and training, singular security arrangements in view of client prerequisites are created.

Wellbeing and profitability in robot frameworks benefits

• Extensive item portfolio from a solitary source from wellbeing arrangement specialists

• Safety frameworks and wellbeing arrangements extraordinarily for your robot application

• Range of administrations stretching out from the principal discussion through charging and support, right the path up to preparing and instruction

• Sick specialists are extremely comfortable with overall rules pertinent for machine wellbeing and are currently taking a shot at the advancement of these norms in the dependable worldwide panels.

• Global on location bolster by SICK security specialists

Safe Robotics applications

Safe mechanical technology video

Safe grouping checking

Safe grouping checking empowers adaptable answers for human-robot association. The robot speed is adjusted, the efficiency of your plant increments.


Wellbeing arrangements from SICK empower protected and conservative parallelizing applications. Access to the bed can be allowed without halting the procedure. Your generation forms in this manner keep running with superior.

Stacking and emptying

Safe Robotics region insurance licenses unhindered and safe access to the perilous region of the robot. The framework guarantees safe human-robot participation, while in the meantime lessening machine downtimes.

Specialists in all ventures and parts

Car and parts providers

Safe mechanical autonomy picture

Safe human-robot joint effort in the creation of electric engines

Safe mechanical autonomy picture

Safe robot stage for the end review of route frameworks


Safe mechanical autonomy picture

Connecting dealing with robots

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