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Hasbro / NERF, Super Soaker ‘Soakzooka, Splash Mouth & Twin Twid


NERF, Super Soaker. When it comes to battles to get wet, we have a great ally: Super Soaker. Super Soakzooka freezefire 2.0

Ideal for playing outdoors, Super Soaker has 2 large cannons, which eject water at a time with great power, exceeding the jet the 11 meters in length.

With Super Soaker you can be the best in the most referential battles. This fun product is of special importance for open spaces and is ideal for summer seasons. Where a toy to soak and cool playing becomes indispensable.

With the new Freezefire 2.0. you can throw frozen water to your opponents

The pistol has a large pump to shoot and a large water storage capacity of more than 950 millimeters.

Its mode of operation is very simple. The tank of the pistol is filled and the water is pumped, so that it is propelled by its 2 large cannons. Soakzooka.

The weight of the product is 522 grams. The minimum age that Hasbro recommends for use is for children of at least 6 years old.

Among the educational values ​​that it contributes, we can mention the improvement of the spatial vision in the smallest of the house.

Hasbro’s toys, in addition to encouraging team play and activity, are ideal for keeping children motivated, distracted, and interacting with each other.

Available in department stores. Wallmart, The English Court.
Available on Amazon.

Lonnie Johnson was the inventor of Super Soaker. The best-selling gun in the world.
Engineer of great talent, who has worked in large corporations such as NASA and the Air Force.

“I knew the gun was good and I knew it would be successful but I never thought it would become the best selling toy in the world,” Johnson said in an interview with Business Insider.

In 2016, Super Soaker sales reported earnings of US $ 1 billion.

“My career started in high school. I built a robot that won a regional science fair at the University of Alabama, “says Lonnie Johnson

Source text, video and image: NERF HASBRO

Source text: Business Insider


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