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The Synthetic Visions system is a new piloting interface that provides pilots with clear and intuitive means to understand their flight environment anytime and anywhere. Make a three-dimensional representation of the external environment, including terrain, obstacles and other topographical data or symbology characteristics.

SVS improves situational awareness, reduces workload and increases flight safety.

It considerably reduces the workload in extreme situations: low visibility weather conditions, unknown airports, high frequency flight phase, relief relief …

Pilots will be able to detect situations that could be dangerous more efficiently.

SVS is ideal for the management by the pilot of the exceptional situations.

It helps in saving costs since a better stabilization of approach is made, reducing the number of missed approaches or forced landing.

Airbus has reached the level of technical preparation 4 (TLR4) in a synthetic vision system (SVS) better than ever, which focuses especially on the reduction of the pilot workload during periods of increased flight activity, especially at the stage Approach Recently, a development variant of the latest SVS from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) was shown at a demonstration of model equipment in a test system.

Airbus has not yet expressed which of its airplanes composes the new innovation of SVS. Anyway, in an ongoing explanation, the organization noted that the pilots’ criticisms support the change in a “pitch and power” way to deal with an increased management approach that makes it substantially less demanding to see at the beginning where they are going “.

In December 2015, the FAA distributed a new airworthiness approval address stating that, from now on, the office does not approve the use of artificial vision as a way to collapse 200 feet above landing (HAT) in the performance of the aircraft. locator with vertical orientation (LPV) or focus of essential GPS instrument. The flight procedure advantages of using synthetic vision outside of being used as an instrument for expanded situational mindfulness have not yet reached the level they can, however, Airbus still hopes to improve the capabilities of its current engineering innovation vision in general .

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