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GumGum / Doggo 2.0, robotic dog with more than 1000 emotions

Expecting technological toy, Doggo 2.0 equipped with AIWe highlight the AI that these small robotic dogs have, integrated by android.

Doggo 2.0 uses Computer Vision to learn how to analyze, and categorize the various objects it finds. Doggo 2.0 can go even at the level of comprehension beyond a dog: recognizing people’s faces, reading words and interpreting their context, brand logos.

Doggo 2.0, has been made in collaboration with GumGum and C_C Robotix.

Among its characteristics are:

Downloadable face designs

Tru-Colors touch screen interface,

Motion sensors on the wheels at 360 °

More than 1000 integrated emotions.

Doggo 2.0 can play search

Read tales


Doggo uses Computer Vision to learn and develop understanding.

Source video, text and image: GumGum













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