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Toyota T-HR3 / Third-generation humanoid robot from Toyota

Toyota T-HR3, the third generation humanoid robot from Toyota.

T-HR3 has been designed and developed by Toyota’s associated robot division.

Toyota’s robotics division focuses on exploring new technologies to safely manage the physical interactions between robots and their environment.

Remote, safe and hassle-free operation of the robot enabled through the new Servo Advanced Torque Module and the Master Maneuver System

T-HR3 can assist humans safely in the home, in medical facilities, construction sites, disaster affected areas.

The T-HR3 is controlled from a master maneuvering system that allows the entire body of the robot to operate instinctively with portable controls that map the movements of the robot’s hands, arms and feet, and a screen mounted on the head that allows the robot to user see from the perspective of the robot.

The master arms of the system provide the operator with movement of the corresponding joints of the robot and the master foot allows the operator to walk in place on the chair to move the robot forward or sideways.

On board the T-HR3 and the Master Manuevering System, the motors, gearboxes and torque sensors are connected directly to the 29 body parts of the T-HR3 and the 16 master control systems of the Master Maneuver System for an experience of smooth and synchronized user.

The Torque Servo Module has been developed in collaboration with Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd. and NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS CORP.



Size: W: 850 mm x D: 1500 mm x H: 1450 mmH: 1540 mm

Weigh: t170 kg75 kg

Moving Parts: 16 axes32 axes and 10 fingers

Accessories: Data Glove, Head-Mounted Display

Source video and text: Toyota Global Newsroom

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