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RoboThespian / 6 Robots Dance in Sync


RoboThespian / 6 Robots Dance in Sync through their Test Routine
Engineered Arts VIDEO

6 partially assembled RoboThespians go through a test sequence all at once. (8x speed)



RoboThespian ™ Model RT4 is an intuitive, completely programmable, life-sized humanoid robot show, reasonable for open show, exhibit and scholarly research.

The robot displays an abdominal area part, arms, fingers, head and jaw intended to emulate human articulation and motions.

Varieties of the model

All models share a similar usefulness and attributes of RoboThespian, yet there are enter contrasts in the outline of the head and hand.

RoboThespian Hard Face

Anticipated face of RoboThespian

RoboThespian clasping hands

RoboThespian Active Legs

RoboThespian with a hard face

Standard model RoboThespian.

In the head 2 LCD screens offer life to the eyes of the robots, the RGB LEDs prepared to do any shading offer shading to the cheeks of RoboThespian, while a rapid servo synchronizes the developments of the mouth with discourse. Custom gadgets control and synchronize these highlights.

The fingers can be opened and shut freely, perfect to shape a large portion of the signals, point, tally fingers, and so on.

It is proposed for open presentation, exhibit and scholarly research.

RoboThespian with anticipated face

An alternate head configuration containing a pico projector extends the whole face of the robot. Utilizingproduct InYaFace, the face can take any shape, is energized progressively to demonstrate any demeanor, you can even make your own particular appearances (faces). InYaFace keeps running on the robot and is gotten to from your program, it doesn’t require establishment. Get more data about the anticipated face and InYaFace here.

It is planned for open display, show and scholastic research. The Projected Face permits the creation and facial impersonation of various individuals and characters.

RoboThespian with energizing hands

The arms of the standard RoboThespian demonstrate are intended for smooth motion and practical motions. You can snatch objects with a similar smooth motion, by hands with versatile hold.

The outline of the fingers under the enunciation suits an extensive variety of articles and the expansive surfaces of delicate elastic enable the hands to grasp substantial items with negligible weight.

It is basically expected for scholastic research, where the control of items is required, at the same time, obviously, it can be utilized on open show, if wanted.

RoboThespian Active Legs

A particular variation of the customer, which joins an extra development hub that enables RoboThespian to twist at the knees.

The legs are worked utilizing a couple of air muscles.

Remember that the feet remain anchored to the base.

RoboThespian Active Legs

Establishment prerequisites

Reasonable just for indoor utilize. Prescribed surrounding temperature: 10 ° C – 30 ° C, relative moistness: 45% – 60%

Standard home system control in the 100v – 250v AC go

An obstruction to evade contact amongst guests and RoboThespian.

Web association by link with great data transfer capacity: essential for remote similarity, investigating and utilization of updates and new programming/content capacities. See Network Configuration


Source video, image and text: Engineered Arts


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