HungaroControl / more than an ANSP, impressive innovations to improve flight safety


HungaroControl / more than an ANSP. In recent years, the company has made impressive innovations to improve flight safety.

HungaroControl, a Hungarian provider of air navigation services (ANSP), provides air navigation services in the Hungarian airspace.

In recent years, HungaroControl has made impressive efforts to participate and support innovations to improve flight safety, increase capacity, reduce airline costs and improve environmental protection.

Aerial space of the Hungarian free route (HUFRA)

In February 2015, HungaroControl was the first in Europe to abolish the entire network of fixed flight routes, which allowed aircraft to use the airspace freely, without any restrictions.

Aircraft can take the shortest possible flight route, as a result, airlines can save almost USD 3 million in fuel per year, which can also lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 16 million kilograms.

Pilot data link communications controller (CPDLC)

In November 2015, HungaroControl introduced CPDLC, The new feature allows the exchange of data between pilots and air traffic controllers in the form of text messages. Increasing the safety of flights and the capacity of the Hungarian airspace, improving the use of radio frequencies.

Remote tower

Remote Tower aims to allow ANSPs to control airport traffic from their own buildings with the help of a virtual surface. The remote tower concept of HungaroControl has achieved considerable success in the international market.

The concept of HungaroControl is based on the integration of its existing ground surveillance system with a network of distributed cameras, improving situational awareness and security.


The Research, Development and Simulation Center (CRDS) of HungaroControl offers solutions based on validation, simulations, training and consulting. By incorporating real-time simulation, the CRDS validation methodology helps maximize the benefits in terms of capacity, efficiency and the environment, and also minimizes the risks related to safety.


New concept of air traffic planning that helps traffic controllers to program the traffic that arrives in a more effective way. MergeStrip assigns aircraft that are prepared to land at a specific airport to a “number line” taking into account their actual position and speed.

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