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News / Race Car ABB FIA Formula E vs Airbus A350 and Boeing Airways 787


Race car ABB FIA Formula E vs Airbus A350 of Qatar Airways and Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Qatar Airlines puts two of its most modern aircraft , the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787  Dreamliner, the ABB FIA Formula E Spark SRT-01E (one of the fastest cars in the world). At the Hamad International Airport as the venue, a runway was closed and there was a confrontation between the Formula E car and the famous racing driver Jerome D’Ambrosio in an impressive men’s and machine race.

Together with an Airbus A350 that takes off and then, on the return leg, Boeing 787 Dreamliner landing.

ABB and Formula E accomplice to compose the fate of electric versatility

The innovative pioneer of the avant-garde ABB is the official sponsor of the FIA main motoring agreement of the FIA Formula E title, all electric.

ABB and Formula E come together in a leading society to safeguard electric portability for a sustainable future. Since its first race in Beijing in September 2014, Formula E has established itself as the leading all-electric car sport in the world. At the next level of improvement, the world pioneer in cutting-edge innovation, ABB, is getting its name and authority to advance and innovate in the agreement, which will now be known as the “ABB FIA Formula E Championship”.

With its unparalleled participation in zap and management in electric vehicle charging arrangements, with the largest installed base of fast charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide, ABB is the perfect mechanical accomplice to Formula E. Recipe E it fills up as a focused stage to create and test relevant shaking and digitization advances for electrical portability, which help to refine the plan and utility of electric vehicles and foundations, and also related computerized stages. By joining, ABB and Formula E will be in a perfect position to overcome the breaking points of electric versatility.

As a global pioneer in the field of electric vehicles, ABB offers the full range of charge responses for electric cars, half electric and half-transports, and shake responses for ships and railways. ABB entered the advertising of EV’s payload in 2010, and today has a rapidly growing global base of more than 6,000 fast carriers.

About the ABB FIA Formula E Championship

The Formula E Championship of ABB FIA is the provision of electric power races of the FIA and the main classification of seats of each electric car on the planet in motor sport. The recipe E transmits a moving wheel-to-wheel activity to the real urban communities of the world, crashing against the landscape of well-known skyscrapers, for example, New York, Hong Kong, Paris and Zurich.

In the fourth release of the agreement, 10 groups and 20 drivers compete in 11 urban communities on five continents in the battle to be the delegated champion of the Formula E of ABB.

Source videos and text: Qatar Airways

Source image: http://smpracing.ru/news/autoworld/vystavki-i-shou/formula_e_protiv_airbus_a350_i_boeing_787_dreamliner/


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