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Sales through Glovo, translates into home delivery and logistics resolved without fixed or installation costs. So you can expand your area, reaching new customers.

Glovo guarantees you covered goods up to € 2000.

Whenever you have an assigned Glover you can follow it in real time and you can communicate with it for any questions. If you do not have a Glover assigned, your order remains in the system pending assignment. If you want to cancel the order and there is no Glover assigned you can do it from the current order without any cost.

For payment, Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are accepted, and it is done through the application or the web and is only done once the service has been performed. The glover will ask you to sign the delivery and at that time will proceed to charge for the service and purchase, if any.

Glovers are independent messengers connected to the Glovo platform.

Glovo is the app that allows you to order products from your city in minutes.

The shipping cost equals the amount that appears at the top of the screen of each establishment. It is based on the distance traveled and the type of agreement with each establishment.

From Glovo they are in charge of putting in contact with the glovers, who act as messengers. The glover makes the purchase on behalf of the final consumer. The customer is still the buyer and final consumer of the product.

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Costa Rica

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