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Sea Machines Robotics / The Power of Marine Autonomy 300 Control Systems


Sea Machines builds Autonomous Control & Remote Command Systems to upgrade the operation of  build marine vessels, improving the productivity and efficiency.

Sea Machines’ Autonomous System for uses common vessel-based instruments and proprietary algorithms to give the watercraft a degree of self-awareness, enabling the boat to efficiently self-motor from point-to-point while avoiding active & passive obstacles. The system links to all on-board propulsion, steering, and thrust machinery for active vessel as well as necessary instruments and sensors. A remote user interface is provided for command and control as well as data reception from the autonomous vessel.


• Control by means of self-rule PC or joystick

• Intuitive UI for remote administrator

• Payload and stream-from-send information

• Communication, by means of viewable pathway or into the great beyond


Rough Intuitive Interface

Essential Hardware Description

Bureau Enclosure IP67 Rated Industrial

Review Aluminum

Processors Siemens S7 PLC,

Modern Linux Computer

UI (Local) Siemens HMI Touch Panel

Segments 100% Solid State, Ruggedized

Confirmations By generally perceived

experts (ABS, DNV)

Temperature Rating 0– 60º C

MachineryIntegration Compatibility

Motors Electronic or Mechanical

Directing Electronic or Hydraulic

Transmission Clutch and Gear Control

Assistants Per Operator Requirements

Sensor Integration Sensor Input

Differential GPS Heading and Position

AIS Ship Traffic Sensor

Radar ARPA Feed

Picture/Video Optional 360º Camera

Profundity Sounder Feed

Payload Control Applications

Sonar Survey

Winches/Loading Tugs/Aquaculture

Automated Arm/Crane Equipment Deployment

ROV Research, Mining, Recovery

Moonpool Equipment Deployment

Shrewd Control Hub

with Flexible Sensor Integration

UIs Component Type

Graphical Remote

Client Control

Ruggedized Laptop with

Aux Screens

Coordinate Vessel Control Industrial Joystick Controller

Independent Modes Capabilties

Arranged Route Grids, Patrol, Dynamic

Community Escort, Swarm, Synch

Waypoints Planned Routing or Dynamic

Safe Routing ECDIS Integrated

Snag Avoidance Multi Sensor Detection

Interchanges Type

Inshore/Nearshore IP Radio, 4G/LTE

IP Radio 3/5 Ghz IP Radio 5Ghz

Long Range (>5nm) Satellite

(L-band, VSAT KU, KA)

Hardware Parameters Commands and Alarms

Motor Start/Stop Remote Start/Stop

RPM Throttle Command

Motor Temp/

Motor Oil Pressure Engine Alarms/Faults

Rigging Oil Pressure Alarms

Fuel Oil Tank Levels

Point Indicator Degrees PRT/STBD

Interferences Safety Devices

Loss of Communications All stop, Hold Station, Other

Manual Emergency Stop ALL STOP on all interfaces

Disappointment Modes Pre-modified or altered


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