Traffic Fast / Revolucionary, thermoplastic reflective traffic signs


Traffic Fast, the revolution of signals

Thermoplastic traffic signs, reflective for placement in asphalt by heat.

Quick application, dry in 10 minutes.

Lifespan up to eight times higher than traditional signage (paint) thanks to the adhesion by heat fusion on the asphalt.
With glass microspheres in its 3 mm thickness to maintain the reflectivity.

The product uses special polymers that keep them unchanged, maintaining flexibility at low temperature and achieving great resistance to pressure and high temperatures.

It is not toxic, nor does it contain heavy metals.

The product is cut for its perfect assembly but if necessary you can use a cutter or other cutting tool.

Do not apply the product under rain or snow conditions.

In temperatures below 12ºC the product becomes more fragile and care must be taken when handling it.

Reference: 5854300305 Wurth Spain

Video source and image: Würth España

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