Pioneer DJ / HDJ-S7 professional headphones, deeper connection for professional DJs


HDJ-S7 professional on-ear DJ headphones. Outstanding audio quality, superior durability and improved functionality for professional DJs.

Pioneer DJ HDJ-S7 professional on-ear DJ – Deeper Connection

The HDJ-S7 headphones are the world’s first on-ear DJ headphones to feature 40-mm HD drivers. This ensures the clear sound separation needed for monitoring during mixes. Designed and built to be highly robust, they’ve cleared the US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G Shock test.

The new model features a swivel mechanism, a flexible headband and a smaller on-ear can, which is preferred by some DJs.

The HDJ-S7  will be available from May 2018.

The screen mixes ended serenely long periods of time with the best sound quality, the predominant force and the improved attack of the HDJ-S7 headphones. Due to a first class 40mm driver, they offer a similar high-definition sound from 5 kHz to 40 kHz as demonstrated by our HDJ-X10 “over-ear”. Perfect for DJ verification, these headphones offer a better tone partition, from rich and grand bass to clear midrange.

The HDJ-S7 headset screen was sketched with the contribution of the thoughts of the world famous DJs. Consequently, they are more adaptable, with small headphones in the ear, a flexible and pivoting headband that can be placed at 45 degrees, which allows you to use them serenely, in the way you prefer. Worked to last, they have been fully tested to ensure that they stay with you in the lodge, again and again.

Try not to overlook anything while tuning in to an unmistakable sound of high determination. With a detachment of better left and right channel and a reflex reflex camera, they are perfect for a competent preset.

PROOF meticulous

In fact, even outside the home, these headphones withstand the toughest conditions and constant use. The most solid metal has been used for the moving parts of the headphones, allowing such a powerful development, to the point that they have even passed the stun test of the US Army.

Versatile DESIGN

Made with the coordinated effort of several universal DJs, they are nice regardless of how you want to use them. With an adaptive twist and an improved grip, they are customizable to suit any style of observation.

Replacement of accessible parts

Easily restore separable links and ear pads with stored pieces (sold separately).

Magnificent mobility

A level case designed to fit effortlessly in the movement bags, protects the headphones from damage and offers space to store USB devices and SD cards.

Different ornaments included

The HDJ-S7 headphones include a removable 1.2 m winding link and a 1.6 m straight link, plus a smaller L-type connector than normal to avoid inadvertent separation.

2 years warranty

To ensure long-distance reliable performance, we incorporate a 2-year warranty on all HDJ-S7 headphones.

Fuente video, text, image and  audio: Pioneer DJ
Music used video: Third Son – Milsom (Original Mix) – NM2


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