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Harvest Automation HV-100 is designed to perform material handling tasks in unstructured outdoor environments, such as commercial farming operation areas. Robots work safely with people. HV-100 robots reduce personnel and direct labor costs, while allowing efficiency initiatives such as resource management, just-in-time production and inventory control.

Characteristics Harvest Automation HV-100
Effective in greenhouses, home plows and nurseries

High positioning accuracy

Handles the most common container sizes

Quick-exchange rechargeable battery

Minimum training and configuration

No programming is required

Fully autonomous both indoors and outdoors


Harvest Automation was founded by Charles Grinnell and a small team of world-class robotic innovators in 2008. They found a great starting point for the company in handling materials for the nursery and greenhouse industry. After working closely with numerous industry leaders, the HV-100 was born: the first fully autonomous robot in the world that works together with people in unmodified industrial environments.

Harvest robots enable smarter production for producers by providing significant gains in productivity, efficiency and plant quality. Harvest enables the creation of a sustainable workforce of robots that work safely with people facing a volatile labor market with a small number of workers available. Harvest robots allow human workers to concentrate on other tasks.

Harvest HV-100 will help workers to be more productive by reducing their walking time during harvest, will help producers produce more crops per acre.

Gather has built up another way to deal with mechanizing an assortment of generally difficult work undertakings in view of versatile robot innovation. Groups of little, profoundly wise machines work securely with workers to play out the most physically requesting parts of these errands, and at an essentially lessened cost.

At Harvest, we utilize an approach called Behavior-Based Robotics. Our clever, versatile way to deal with mechanization gives an adaptable and powerful framework engineering for robots to work in even the most difficult conditions. Reap’s stage reacts promptly to changes in the workplace, brilliantly represents flawed tangible information and requires minimal set-up and programming.

Harvest robots, notwithstanding performing work, are effectively gathering data that can be utilized for investigation and creation arranging. Future items will incorporate detecting and picture catch advancements that will take into account versatile information gathering.

Harvest robots are little, protected and adaptable. They have been intended to explore inside current foundation, as well as to change and control their condition. Reap robots have robotized stacking and emptying capacity enabling clients to de-couple the robots from individuals. Our frameworks are not just pulls. These are modern portable vehicles that can lift things up and put things down, self-governingly.

Collect robots are useful for client to utilize: simple to program, adaptable and simple to convey. There is almost no compelling reason to change existing framework or work processes. Our frameworks are handy in that clients can scale the quantity of robots sent to coordinate work should have been finished.

Harvest robots are intended to work close by individuals. We trust the most noteworthy esteem can regularly be determined by insightfully isolating the work. People will play out a few undertakings, robots will perform others. Reap robots are little and safe, can see deterrents and explore as needs be. Reap robots are intended to gather, track and convey data with the goal that proprietors can viably record and plan work.

Harvest robots are helping our clients take care of the issues related with the vulnerability of a workforce (accessibility, cost, overhead, and so on.) Robots are conveyed so that there is steady and unsurprising quality and throughput toward the start and end of each move.

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