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Thermomix® / TM5 Cooking Robot, characteristics


Thermomix® TM5 Cooking Robot. characteristics

Thermomix ® TM5 kitchen robot, intelligent kitchen with a design that combines advanced technology with simple and intuitive features that will allow you to prepare meals in a more intuitive way.


With the Thermomix® kitchen robot you can perform 12 elements of 12 unique apparatuses or utensils: measuring, blending, cutting, granulating, manipulating, cooking, steaming, whipping, mixing, emulsifying and warming with exactness. With Thermomix® everything is done quick. From preparing eggs, making sauces and dressings to cooking fish, risotto and influencing smooth ice to cream, Thermomix® can do everything. What’s more, you can utilize it to pound ice, massage the ideal batter for bread or cake, beat smoothies and slushies. Thermomix® has 7 million clients and is the most well known sustenance processor on the planet.

You can cook rapidly and effectively. The Thermomix® idea depends on the ideal mix of innovation with formulas grew particularly to ensure idealize comes about with your Thermomix®. You will discover our formulas in our Thermomix® cookbooks, the Thermomix® Magazine and in the Thermomix® Recipe Book. Following the directions and amounts determined, your outcomes are ensured.

50 years prior, the production of Thermomix® was progressive. Previously, it was inconceivable that a solitary machine could play out every one of the capacities essential in the readiness of dinners. Therefore, Thermomix® is viewed as the first robot and forerunner of multifunctional kitchen robots. Today this progressive kitchen robot keeps on enhancing, both in its specialized abilities and the exhaustive administration of Vorwerk, which incorporates a great many formulas adjusted for use with Thermomix®. Thermomix® clients get all the consideration and help they require, in addition to a showing of the highlights of the gadget before purchasing. After the buy, clients keep on benefitting from a similar help, get a nitty gritty prologue to the item and appreciate the chances to associate with specialists and other Thermomix® clients to trade thoughts, data and counsel.

All Thermomix® adornments are supplemented by the body of the robot. Along these lines, you spare space in the kitchen. Thermomix® extras incorporate Varoma, for steaming and influencing sound, to low calorie dinners; the bushel, with which you can cook going with nourishments, for example, rice or potatoes, or deplete natural product juices; and the Butterfly that is put on the arrangement of edges to beat mousse, cream or egg whites. Aside from the previously mentioned Thermomix® embellishments, it isn’t important to purchase additional accomplices to utilize the Thermomix® capacities. The gadget emerges for its quality and effectiveness – even the top of the glass can be utilized as an estimating container.

Thermomix® clients advantage from a wide and different determination of formulas, accessible through our Thermomix® cookbooks, formula magazine and the Thermomix® Recipe, making it less demanding than any time in recent memory to take after a solid and adjusted eating regimen . You can discover data about the Thermomix® Recipe Book, and how to arrange your Thermomix®, on the site. For the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to share encounters, thoughts and formulas with other Thermomix® fans, you can take an interest in cooking classes or talk with individuals through Facebook and the official sites of the Thermomix® people group.

Thermomix® is the ideal answer for a wide range of individuals and ways of life. On account of its usefulness, it can be utilized as a part of an assortment of ways. For guardians who need to make sound and adjusted family suppers, Thermomix® offers a speedier method to cook, sparing you time and worry in the kitchen. For tenderfoots in the kitchen, an advantage is its free working, and furthermore the formulas that assurance that your suppers will go culminate. With the assistance of Thermomix® you will have the capacity to go from apprentice to have with all the certainty you have to get ready exquisite dinners. Cooking lovers get motivation from the assortment of culinary potential outcomes and start to make their own particular formulas. Indeed, even proficient culinary specialists, for whom exact outcomes are basic, depend on Thermomix®. It can be utilized for particular errands in the elaboration

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