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HP predicts how accelerated innovation of emerging technologies such as hypermobility, 3D transformation, IoT and Robotics will take advantage of advances in computing, connectivity and immersive computing to offer more enriching experiences.

Artificial intelligence for the data center
HPE InfoSight paves the way for the autonomous infrastructure, predicting and preventing problems before they can affect your business and turning support into an experience you really like. It is no longer necessary to worry about the infrastructure; HPE InfoSight takes care of it for you.

Every second, HPE InfoSight analyzes and correlates millions of sensors from all our systems deployed worldwide. HPE InfoSight continually learns as it analyzes this data, making each system more intelligent and reliable.

Enterprise Strategy Group quantifies the impact that HPE InfoSight has on IT costs and time spent managing storage. The research is based on an unbiased study of HPE and non-HPE customers.

Predicts and prevents problems accelerated innovations

HPE InfoSight constantly monitors its environment and predicts problems, even those outside storage. And, if you discover a problem, HPE InfoSight proactively resolves it and prevents other systems deployed globally from experiencing the same problem.

HPE InfoSight sees the past and the future in all its infrastructure. It eliminates the guesswork of managing the infrastructure and simplifies planning by accurately predicting capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs.

Transform provider assistance
HPE InfoSight transforms the support experience into one you really like. Since 86% of the problems are resolved automatically, 1 HPE Nimble Storage has eliminated the need for level 1 and 2 support. Speak directly to Level 3 in the rare case that you need help.

Storage for the Autonomous Data Center
Predictive storage solutions, prepared for the cloud and timeless

HPE Nimble Storage
Predictive, ready for the cloud and timeless for business value today and tomorrow. Experience radical simplicity and guaranteed availability of 99.9999%.

Storage HPE 3PAR StoreServ.

Fully flexible and scalable tier 1 data storage arrays for instant application provisioning and high service levels at a fraction of the cost.

Rent-A-Center logo
Now HPE InfoSight monitors you with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

HPE InfoSight has been extended to 3PAR. The first version includes cross-analysis that identifies bottlenecks in virtualized environments and the basis for enabling predictive support.

Video and image source: HP

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