Garmin Edge 520 Plus / includes Strava Live and Garmin Cycle Map


Garmin Edge 520 Plus, includes Strava Live and Garmin Cycle Map, with step-by-step directions for on and off-road routes.

Train smarter and discover new routes with Edge® 520 Plus, the advanced navigation cycling computer and built-in challenges. Includes the Garmin Cycle Map with step-by-step directions for on and off-road routes plus Strava Live preloaded Segments.

Includes advanced navigation, including new navigation alerts and the Garmin Cycle Map.

Pre-loaded Strava Live segments allow you to compete second to second with your previous best brand or that of another cyclist; see results in real time directly on your screen.

Stay connected¹ with LiveTrack and GroupTrack.
Compatible with Varia ™ cycling recognition accessories.


GPS Edge 520 Plus Garmin

Prepare shrewdly and find new courses with the Edge 520 Plus, the cyclocomputer with route includes and propelled preparing and challenges progressively. Incorporates Garmin Cycle Map maps with turn-by-turn headings on streets and trails. With Strava’s constant portions, you’ll transform each exit into a genuine rivalry. Remain associated with GroupTrack, default messages and the occurrence location include.


Incorporates propelled route highlights with cautions and Garmin Cycle Map maps with turn-by-turn bearings. Additionally in the event that you make a special effort your Edge naturally recalculates the course to come back to your course.

With the Strava sections continuously, contend, second to second, against your past time or against your colleagues. Once the section is done you can see the order continuously.

Remain associated with LiveTrack and GroupTrack, shrewd warnings, message between cyclists or occurrence identification. What’s more, the arrangement of the gadget should be possible from your telephone.

Modify your gadget by means of the Connect IQ stage. You can download free information fields, custom screens or application like the Specialized Turbo Levo or the climate conjecture AccuWeather MinuteCast.

With the TrailForks application, you can find and download BTT courses from around the globe for nothing.

Screen your VO2 Max by bicycle and the proper recuperation times after every exercise utilizing a power sensor and a heart rate screen (excluded).

Compute your capacity limit (FTP) and the distinctive cycling elements information when utilizing the VectorTM control sensor (excluded).

Perfect with the VariaTM item extend: raise see radar, shrewd lights and Vision (excluded).

The pre-introduced Connect IQ Training Peaks Daily Workout application gives you the rules for productive preparing at each exit. It guides you all through the preparation continuously with force targets and time interims.

The Connect IQ Best Bike Split application enables you to see certain parameters, for example, weight, power or how air obstruction can influence your opportunity in the race. It enables you to make the ideal anticipating the day of your opposition. It will direct you, kilometers after kilometers, with control targets continuously to get your best stamp.

Self-sufficiency up to 15 hours.

Box substance:

Edge 520 Plus, front section, quarter turn section, cord, USB link, manuals.


Item typeGPSDimensions7.3 x 4.9 x 2.1cmWeight62.5 gMan display2.3”Autonomy15 hBarometric meter YesItem typeGPSUse of use Cycling.

Video and image source: Garmin


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