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Beiersdorf / for 2025, 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions


Beiersdorf works together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Germany) since 2016 in a new and ambitious goal: a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions related to energy by 2025.

Objective aligned with the agreements of the 2015 UN Conference on Climate in Paris (COP21). implementation of new energy efficiency measures.

VIDEO. Beiersdorf climate commitment for 2025, 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to energy

Commitments for 2020/2025

The way to deal with Beiersdorf of the management centers is basically to expand our capacity to react to change and build a society with a vision for the future. Recognized the problems that are imperative for the partners, contribute to the long-term achievement of business and help to combat global problems. The 2020/2025 aspirants are intended to ensure that we focus on the territories where the organization has the best effect. These tasks give a clear course and bet on a superior execution.

Cream Beiersdorf Sustainability

By 2020, intention to create half of offers of articles with an improved natural effect. (Base year 2011)

Advance towards commitment with the products

In 2017, no less than 23% of our offers are created with items with an improved natural effect. (Base year 2011)

Our approach to achieve our commitment to products with a look at all parts of a finished article as long as you remember the cycle, from the determination of raw materials and grouping, through the forms of creation and transport, the distance until the last transfer of the article.

The Sustainability Control of the Product box allows to evaluate the ecological effect of the packages and recipes of the articles. Among the key variables that Beiersdorf evaluates are the measurement of assured raw materials, the effect on water toxicology, the reduction in packaging materials achieved and the use of the reused materials used. In addition, the consequences of the life cycle analysis of the articles in the general scorecard are incorporated.

For a surveyed article to have “a diminished ecological effect”, it needs to achieve a general scorecard result superior to the product (s) it replaces. It compares newly created items for which there is still no reference score with the equivalent existing items.

Globe Beiersdorf Sustainability

Commitment of the planet

By 2025, decrease CO2 outflows related to vitality per manufactured item by 70%. (Base year 2014)

By 2020 I will change the power supply in all destinations in the world to 100% sustainable energy sources.

Advance towards commitment to the planet

27% less CO2 emanations related to vitality per article manufactured. (Base year 2014)

45% of the power of sustainable energy sources in 2017.

Focus to achieve our commitment to the planet

Objectives for the atmosphere will allow us to reliably and methodically discharge CO2 emissions in each of the three grades. The measures characterized by the reduction of CO2 outflows related to vitality (Scope 1 and 2) incorporate vitality effectiveness measures in creation approaches and the change of energy supply in all destinations to sustainable energy sources in 2020.

To help further reduce discharges caused by merchandise and businesses by the year 2025, it draws down specific downsizing targets and plans detailed measures in grouping areas, raw materials, transportation, business trips and full service providers. articles in 2018.

It is simplifying the information gathering framework around the world to improve the scope of information on all regional classifications and configurations. This will allow improving observation and execution management and external details forms. In order to obtain impartial information, without prejudice, CO2 emissions are measured according to the prerequisites of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

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