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SHARK ROBOTICS / Le Red, the 1st French firefighter robot used


LE RED by SHARK ROBOTICS. The 1st French firefighter robot used by the Paris fire brigade (BSPP).

Remote mediation robot and fire dousing.

Common, mechanical and military divisions.

The Colossus is a flexible specialized help robot intended to go for broke need activities in high-hazard regions.

Ready to develop in a wide range of territories, this robot will push man to:

Put out a fire, convey hardware, put forth data expressions, permit day/night vision through video gear.

You can get numerous choices effortlessly.

The COLOSSUS was picked by the Fire Brigade of Paris to help the intercession groups.

The feature of COLOSSUS:

Speedy execution,

Intensity of the engines (2 x 4000 W and 2 x 8000 W in top or 16000 W of intensity)

Most extreme torque: 4000 Nm

Constant self-rule: from 6 to 8 hours,

Intersections limit,

Simplicity of guiding

Least upkeep,

Completely outlined, machined and gathered in our workshops in La Rochelle,

Footing limit of in excess of 2 tons

Load limit of in excess of 800 kg,

Slant: 45 °

Speculation: 45 °

The COLOSSUS is at present the most intense electric robot on the planet (classification 500 KG).

There are a few unique arrangements of COLOSSUS and also a few alternatives: water guns of various forces (500 to 3000 liters/min), stretcher help, solenoid valve, video turret with zoom camera and warm camera, pilot cushion with backrest video, temperature sensor, winch, mechanized charger to push vehicles and open entryways.Organization

SHARK ROBOTICS is dynamic in the fields of building, advancement and outline of automated stages for “Helping man on a mission”.

The organization works in the barrier, common security and mechanical areas. The fields of activity rotate around observation, assessment, insurance, demining, firefighting, intercession in chance zones, examination, location and inspecting.

Items and Services

COLOSSUS: Firefighter mediation and specialized help robot. Fields: Observation, Fire annihilation, transport of gear, examination, sensor data.

RHYNO: Intervention and specialized help robot. Fields: Observation, review, Demining, mediation in hazard zones.

ATRAX: Rapid reaction robot. Fields: Observation, Inspection.

Source video, image, text: Shark Robotics Systems


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