Husqvarna Automower® / gives your lawn a 24/7 carpet look


Husqvarna Automower® gives your lawn a carpet look, 24/7, giving you extra time to do what you want.

Enter your Husqvarna Automower®

A Husqvarna mechanical lawn mower has to do with comfort, and that starts with the basic setup process.

A quick manual to guide you in setting up your Automower®.

Start investigating your herb. To limit the danger of the robot lawn mower being obstructed or damaged, clear the grass with everything else, twigs, instruments, toys and other comparative deterrents. In case the lawn is taller than four inches, we recommend cutting it with a general lawn mower for the last time.

1. Position the charging station

Place the charging station on a level surface at the edge of the cutting region with free space around it. Make sure the station is free of daylight, away from sprinklers and within 50 feet of an electrical outlet.

2. Charge the battery

Once the charging station is set up, it is an ideal opportunity to charge your mechanical lawn mower. Place the automated garden cutter at the accusing station and proceed to the next stage. Charging a vacant battery takes 80 to 100 minutes.

3. Install the limit cable

The boundary wire is established along the edges of the garden to characterize the cutting area. Essentially, put it on the floor with the unusual nails incorporated in the package and the automatic grass trimmer will know precisely where to go. Place “islands” of wire around flower guest houses overnight to keep the lawnmower from running towards them.

4. Insert the guide wire

The motivation behind the guide is to bring the Husqvarna Automower® to the charging station when it is vital. Connect one end to the station and place the straight link through the longest piece of your lawn, so that the automated brushcutter can uncover it. The opposite end is attached to the boundary wire where they are located. Both the confinement point and the guide wire are associated with the charging station.

5. Relax

Switch on your Husqvarna Automower®, select your four-digit code, change the cutting height and set the working hours. The mechanical lawn mower will stack until it is ready and then start cutting.

Image, text and video source: Husqvarna USA


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