Microbot Sense by Naran Inc., Smart Sensor device Push Alerts works with Alexa


Sense is a device that can monitor various atmospheric variables: temperature, moisture, air pressure, light intensity, noise level and CO2 level, movements. Thanks to multiple built-in sensors and machine learning, Sense learns about you and your environment and sends you push notifications containing useful information and recommendations about the environment.

MicroBot Sense

Savvy sensor for a more quick witted life

“Sense” is a little gadget that measures different environmental factors, including temperature, moistness, pneumatic stress, light force, clamor level and CO2 level, and distinguishes any development. You can send a notice when the room gets excessively cool, the place is excessively dry for you, somebody thumps on the entryway, completes the clothing, and so on .; the rundown goes on

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The versatile climate station

Sense device offers boundless applications:

Check the present states of the room at its correct area (for instance, on a couch, on the floor, and so forth.)

Caution when the CO2 level is too high and you require outside air (for instance, while driving, amid a gathering, and so forth.)

Sound boisterous when somebody moves their knapsack (the “guard dog” mode)

Offer your environmental information with your loved ones continuously

what’s more, considerably more!

Savvy alarms

Effectively arrange and get warnings

Savvy alarms can pull in your consideration when you truly require it. It shows signs of improvement and better as you utilize it to an ever increasing extent.

Caution me when it winds up loud for my child

Alarm me when it gets somewhat chilly

Alarm me when there is no development in my folks’ home for multi day

A few illustrations

Put it on a work area

Join on a divider

Clasp in a knapsack

Financial plan

Worked in rechargeable batteries

Temperature/Humidity/Noise/Relative gaseous tension/Intensity of light/CO2

Worked in accelerometer

Source Text: Kickstarter

Source text, viedo and image YouTube: Naran


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