Diggs / Revol Dog Crate, ergonomic dog cage


Diggs / Revol Dog Crate, ergonomic dog cage, easy to use, elegant and more secure and comfortable for pets than the usual dog cages

The purchase shipping rates through Kickstarter change according to the reward you select and the country of destination. Delivery rates depend on the normal rates to send each item to each area.

Diggs remains consistent with an unbiased color for each of Revol and Snooz in the first place, as the tones add a great deal of concern to their production and stock management network. They choose the current shades to satisfy a wide variety of customer tastes, keeping overhead costs as low as reasonably expected. To ensure that these impartial nuances attract any number of sponsors as would be prudent, by the end of the battle they will investigate each of the sponsors to vote on the favorite nuances.

In the event that the battle begins to meet certain wage limits, all supporters will be informed of the likelihood of additional shader accessibility (known as “Extend targets” on Kickstarter-talk).


The Diggs Revol case comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. That means that if any part ends up defective or does not work admirably after a period of time due to normal use, it will repair or replace it with nothing out of pocket. The complete points of interest of the two certifications will be incorporated with your Revol box when you obtain it.

Although most items are guaranteed forever, they do not offer discounts or discounts on things that are earned as Kickstarter rewards.

The help they get from the sponsors of Kickstarter is what allows them to execute and develop the business, collect information from customers, delineate new elements and improve existing ones. In the Kickstarter group of people, the things that occur after making a promise are called “rewards” since they are not purchases in the conventional sense. They are donations, assuming any article for pets, which they send to their adherents as a token of appreciation for the help they provide to their businesses.

Snooz can be used as a bed for puppies, since it is a super nice sleeping cushion and excellent for pets that can be used with or without the Revol box.

In tests, opening the box by lifting the large side entrance with a canine inside the container (which is the appropriate size for the case, obviously) is not a problem.

The suggestion of the organization is that the huge lateral entrance is used primarily for the immutable or semiperpetual opening of the housing. So to speak, in spite of the fact that, without a doubt, it can open and close the extensive lateral entrance routinely and / or use it as a fundamental passage, the exhortation is to use the front part to open and close it frequently. For example, you can leave the large side entrance for long periods of time when the dog reaches a developmental level where the case is basically a home or a safe house where he can enter and exit at any point he satisfies, instead of being used as A frame of regulation.

Source video and text: Diggspet

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