Chouette / Artificial intelligence from the winemaker through drone


Chouette is a French company formed by Charles Nespoulous (President Co-founder), Cyril de Chassey (Managing Director Co-founder) and for now a team of five more members.

Chouette performs analysis to 4.0 winemakers using drones, providing them with better knowledge of their vineyards, possessing more precise information about the state of their vineyards and preventing better diseases, helping them to improve in a more dynamic and anticipated way on their vines.

Technically, drones allow to identify and map maps of various vineyard diseases such as: mold, Esca, vigor, missing feet, leaf area, NDVI, etc …

Chouette monthly subscription, has unlimited access in number of flights and number of analysis during the season :

Early detection of the onset of diseases.
Identify the symptoms of mold, ESCA and Flavescence.
Identify the sensitive areas of the vineyard.
Implement treatment strategies.
Preserve up to 30% of your vineyard each year.
To understand the impact of a conversion to organic.
Reduce entries from 10 to 20%.
Analyze the vigor of your vines.
Grass control and fertilization according to the zones.
Obtain a more homogeneous and more qualitative wine.
Organize pruning, sprouting and tying.
Understand the vintage effect.
Optimize your agenda and your human resources.
Choose between transplanting and tearing in a reasoned way.

Turnkey arrangement Drone + examination for winemakers 4.0 who wish to know their vineyard better and have precise maps of the condition of force, maladies and the dynamic development of their vines.

Without precedent for the historical backdrop of accuracy viticulture, the winemaker turns into the proprietor of the automaton and, by a month to month membership, has boundless access in number of flights and number of breaks down amid the season. .

1. Fly the automaton home boundlessly. To a great degree straightforward, you don’t need to be an accomplished automaton pilot to control it. It is robotized

2. The information is exchanged to our servers in only a couple of hours. They are sheltered and ensured.

3. Sign in to the Owl stage from any gadget. Compensation of the good PC, paper and GIS.

4. Effectively tweak your zoning and settings and explore to issue regions. Spare time and cash

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