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Toyota / expert robot basketball pitcher of triples and free throws


Robot creation of Toyota and presented to the world in a basketball court in Japan expert in throwing triples and free throws

Objective is to support individual mobility using Toyota’s mobility technology
As Japan’s population continues to decline and age, Toyota has expanded to a more personal business domain as part of its Global Vision of Enriching Communities. That domain consists of associated robots that support individual mobility in a variety of ways by working closely with, and on behalf of, people. In the future, they want to satisfy the mobility solutions needed by the society of the future.


The development of the collaborative robot began for an entertainment basketball event
It was at the 2005 Aichi Expo that Toyota’s partner robots, endowed with the kindness and intelligence to help people, reached a large audience for the first time. By uniting the accumulated technology of industrial robots, automotive control technology and the latest information technology, they developed a biped robot that played an instrument and a future conceptual vehicle, among other robots. A mobility performance show highlighted the potential of the associated robots.

Problem resolution
Robots will live and work more closely with people, from the care of health and nursing to the home.
Toyota’s partner robots work hard in an expanding array of medical and nursing care environments, where they help with walking and rehabilitation. Toyota also looks for a variety of projects, such as robots that live with families and help them with everyday life and robots that allow people to enjoy the conversation. Toyota is working to offer associated robots that enrich the lives of people by using the commitment of advanced technology as a mobility company.

Creation of new value
The associated robots will continue to evolve to help achieve a more satisfying future by working with and on behalf of people.
Toyota’s development of associated robots continues to accelerate. It is expected that these devices bring innovation to a variety of industries and fields. A new and satisfying future that exceeds the imagination is dawning, based on the new values ​​created by the partner robots.

Source: Toyota

Source Photography: Dosis Tecnológica

Source video: 朝日新聞社


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