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Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s president, asks himself these three questions before choosing a candidate in a job interview.

Will you admire this person?

For Bezoss admiring someone is important, since according to him admiring someone means that he can make you learn something valuable. In this way, Bezos works with people who admire and motivate their employees to healthy leadership at all times and who admire people who are below in the working range.

Will this person allow the team where they lead to be most effective?

With the passage of time, the goals and goals of Jeff Bezos are higher and more difficult to reach, always trying to attract talent better prepared and that can give greater benefit to real situations in the future.

Is this person a super excellent person in some field? Where?

Jeff Bezos, believes that each person has a unique value. If I have enriches the environment, Bezos will bet on that person.

These questions Bezoss asks in particular when interviewing a person have a lot to do with the three keys to success that Bezos has always seen as essential to success, such as:

Surround yourself with the right people.
Open mind, you can learn from everything and everyone.
Prepare for the long term. To collect you have to sow.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos (Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 12, 1964) is an American representative. He is the originator and official chief of Amazon. In 2015 he was the fifth most rich man on the planet, and in 2017 he achieved the highest point of the Forbes list. In October of that same year, Amazon shares climbed in excess of a 130%, which influenced him to have a benefit of in excess of 80 billion dollars, giving him again the main position in the rundown of Forbes as the most rich individual on the planet.

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