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News / Robot, approves difficult Tokyo University exam


The Robot Torobo-kun was able to pass the entrance exams to the University of Tokyo, the most prestigious in Japan, obtaining better grades than 80% of the students presented and being among the best in subjects such as mathematics.

The AI passed the university entrance exam with a total of 511 points out of 950, a not insignificant figure if we take into account that the national average is at 416 points.

With this score, the AI would have 80% of being accepted in 33 public universities and 441 private.

The researchers revealed that they obtained on average an “A” level qualification with which “Torobo-kun” would be able to access 403 of the 579 private universities in the country, the Yomiuri newspaper reported today.

“Torobo-kun has great possibilities of being accepted in the universities of medium and low level of the country”, indicated one of the examiners to the Japanese newspaper.
However, his qualification was not enough to obtain a place at this university.

This university selection test, from the University of Tokyo is considered the best in Asia.

To enter, language, science, history, geography, languages (some English, French, German and / or Korean), civic education (ethics, politics and economics), and mathematics are taken.

According to Noriko Arai, the researcher who directs the project, the results are impressive.

Noriko Arai is surprised to see that a machine that can not read is able to stay ahead of so many young people from an educational system with quite high standards such as Japanese.

Arai remembers that the artificial intelligences that we are programming at present do not understand what they read, they are very good in searching and processing information, but not in reading comprehension.

A computer can easily solve math problems, but it is hard for it to understand them every time they are written for humans, with graphics, diagrams, words that explain the problem or other things that need a certain level of abstraction.

We have to improve those capacities that radically differentiate us from them. Noriko Arai is currently working on improving the capabilities that differentiate us from machines because she says that it is very complicated to teach a machine creativity or deep thought.

Source image, video and text: El Futuro Es Apasionante


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