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Youcan Robot / BW1, underwater drone that allows new experiences


BW1 has a high-definition imaging system experiences, supports a camera sensor up to 5MP and can record videos and 1080P HD photographs.
The weight of BW1 is 3.8KG and its battery has a very good duration reaching up to 3-4 hours of duration satisfying long-term underwater needs. The maximum depth of the underwater drone is 100 meters.

With the 3 helices (2 vertical, 1 horizontal) and 3 knots of speed experiences, it is easy to navigate the seabed and control it away from the current. When you encounter a moment you want to capture, you can block BW-1 in its position and with your self-stabilization, BW-1 will balance in the current. The BW-1 Wi-Fi repeater makes it easy to stay connected. With its 200 m range, the repeater connects the drone to your device, allowing you to transmit the distance directly.


The 2 LED lights can illuminate the ocean floor to give you an optimal visualization and can self-adjust to your environment. You can also connect LED light chassis to BW-1 to provide more light in less visible areas.

YoucanDive application. It is a YoucanDive remote control, through which you can use this application to control your robot.



Youcan Robotics Co., Ltd. Has been established in 2016, is a high-tech company that focuses on the research and development of underwater robots, pretending to take the lead in the world and become the first intelligent provider of underwater solutions for UAV .

It is currently advertised on the Indiegogo crowfunding platform of BW1, where we can find prices for its commercialization and more information on this great aquatic drone.

Source text: Indiegogo, Youcanrobot

Source video: Youcan Underwater ROV


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