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Travelmate Robotics / Travelmate, is not just a normal suitcase …


Travelmate, an autonomous suitcase that works perfectly in crowds and does not require additional peripherals. Travelmate is an autonomous suitcase that works perfectly in the crowds and that integrates very well with your smartphone to perform quite complex tasks for a suitcase.

Travelmate moves as you wish: vertically or horizontally easily. You can place more items or maybe another suitcase on top of Travelmate when traveling autonomously in landscape mode.

Travelmate is able to recognize and avoid objects as needed.

There are several models, with their different prices that can be found on the website of the company Travelmate Robotics.


Travelmate S Inches: 21.7 x 7.9 x 15.7
Centimeters: 55 x 20 x 40
It is sized to meet all load specifications, you can take it with you when you board a plane. Its price is $ 1099

Travelmate M Inches: 27.2 x 11.4 x 19.3
Centimeters: 69 x 29 x 49
The Travelmate M model, of good name, is medium in size and is ideal for road trips, flights and everyday situations. Its price is $ 1295

Travelmate L Inches: 29.5 x 12.2 x 20.5
Centimeters: 75 x 31 x 52: large and without regret about it
It is perfect if you are planning a long trip or even to move. Its price is $ 1495

Smart features like obstacle avoidance and the system follow me. Travelmate is at the forefront of autonomous movement technology and AI.

It uses automatic learning to optimize its movements and the omnidirectional wheels allow a markedly increased stability and amplitude of movement that otherwise can not be achieved.

Get full access to Travelmate features and download new applications that are made specifically for Travelmate.


Travelmate has dozens of colors, innovative smart suitcase features and three different sizes. It moves by itself and thinks for itself.

Travelmate is a robot companion and a completely autonomous suitcase. It will match your speed accurately and can go as fast as 6.75 mph.

Travelmate has a battery life of 4 hours when it is in fully autonomous mode and up to 100 hours in standby mode (which means you are using it as a normal suitcase).

The electric motor and internal components that allow autonomous functionality occupy almost no space in the suitcase, representing less than 3% of the volume of the suitcase. Multi-colored LED lighting is a feature on all Travelmate models and means the battery level of your suitcase.

There are more than 16 million different color variations. You can customize or turn off all LED lights through the Travelmate application.


Travelmate includes a GPS chip that helps guide the suitcase and lets you know the location of the suitcase at all times with the Travelmate smartphone application.

All Travelmate models will include a built-in scale that will accurately measure the weight of your suitcase’s contents. You never have to worry about overpacking because Travelmate will conveniently display the weight of the suitcase. You can switch between kilograms or pounds through the Travelmate application.

You can connect cameras or cameras ready for virtual reality to the suitcase; Because of this, you can use Travelmate as your camera operator. This is perfect for video blogging or to record yourself and your surroundings.

Travelmate is available to buy at this time in Indiegogo.

Text source: Indiegogo, Travelmate Robotics

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