Nissan / “Easy Ride”, autonomous taxi could operate 2020 in Japan


 Cars without driver will be a reality in Japan. Nissan has presented “Easy Ride”, a vehicle that will do the taxi service without having to have a driver in the vehicle.

The driver will be replaced by a robot, and possibly in the future those professionals linked to transport. Nissan will begin to carry out real tests as of March 2018 and estimates that in 2020 in Japan they will be operating coinciding with the dates of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

 The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan will launch its commercial robot-taxi service, with its mobile technological partner DeNa. The vehicle “Easy Ride” will be 100% electric and autonomous controlled by artificial intelligence.

In principle the units that will be removed will be limited, due to the restrictions that will be imposed on their regulation. The trial will take place in the neighborhood in Yokohama, near Tokyo, where the Nissan world headquarters is located. The test will last fifteen days and will be done by two autonomous vehicles free of charge, which can be booked through an application.



What we do know is that the autonomous taxi sooner or later this will be transferred to the rest of the world. According to a study by Roland Berger, in 2030 taxi robots could represent 40% of the benefit of the automobile sector, causing a 30% drop in demand for the purchase of private vehicles.

Source text and image: Nissan, Roland Berger

Source video: Nissan


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