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We all know where we will arrive …

Many speak of uniqueness. When there is equality between man and machine.

The reality is that there is still a long way to go. There may be even more road than much predicted …

There are very difficult skills to systematize in the field of creativity: design, empathy, ethics, humor, precision …

Cognitive systems are beginning to be born can be said. To babble. They are beginning to recognize objects, to interpret our tastes. But soon we will have to get used to seeing them running around the corridors of our house …

They will begin to interact.
We will not need to write through the keyboard. This in the not too distant future, we will find it even funny. I imagine in a conversation with my friends, do you remember when we used the keyboard …

The machines will recognize us, they will know our tastes, our needs, our moods. We will not need many times to talk to them or communicate. They will understand and interpret us through their sensors and the artificial intelligence that has incorporated what we need and will give it to us.

The robots will learn more creative activities. And as they know us they will create it for our enjoyment.

It will create songs. With the melodies or rhythms that we like you will look for thanks to its huge big data in the millions of existing songs which are more like that theme that we liked so much to listen and without realizing it will give us a song that resembles and makes us disconnect by transporting us to a world of infinite sensations and pleasures.

According to our state of mind you will know when we would like to listen to a rock ballad, a hiphop theme or a flamenco bulería.

Yes!! And sure they even sing!
But hey, all this will be long term.
There is still a long way to go for such significant progress.

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Source: David Calatrava, CEO Espacio Robot (Publication made for Artificial Expo).

Source video: Fox News

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