Microsoft IoT Central / allows to scale your IoT solutions


Microsoft IoT Central is a fully managed IoT SaaS (software as a service) solution that facilitates the connection, monitoring and management of your IoT assets at scale.

It creates a deep insight into your IoT data and reduces barriers to entry for companies looking to revolutionize their IoT business.

Microsoft IoT Central eliminates barriers to commercial IoT benefits by reducing the time, skills and investment necessary to develop a consistent IoT solution at the enterprise level.


With integral IoT, you can connect devices in seconds and take a quicker leap from the assimilation of concepts to production. SaaS monitors and manages its IoT assets.

Microsoft IoT Central has similar rates and is easy to transfer, making it easier to invest in IoT.

Microsoft IoT Central adapts to meet your needs, through the integration in the cloud, the support is managed centrally, without taking into account the scale or location of the connections.

Microsoft IoT Central guarantees the privacy and protection of your data, making it only accessible to the right people in your organization through the integration of your Active Directory permissions.

With Microsoft IoT Central, security management is integrated into the cloud solution managed from scratch, which provides total peace of mind with all your products connected.

Source text and image: Microsoft

Source video: Microsoft Cloud

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