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AI is now able to learn words while conducting conversations with human beings. Robots are now ready to learn and assimilate words implicitly, through certain confirmations they make. At the University of Osaka they have devised a method that allows through AI that bots can learn words in a conversation by implicit confirmation.

Artificial intelligence, chats or virtual assistants what they actually do is answer questions based on previous programming.

Through question that the bots make to the users and the context in which the dialogs flow, the bots learn new concepts.

The reality is that until now computers were limited to answering questions based on programming.






There are very simple methods where a computer is limited to asking only very simple questions to human beings for the acquisition of knowledge. But this simplicity of communication does not stimulate or maintain the interest of users, but the University of Osaka led by Professor Kazunori Komatani has developed an implicit confirmation method while the machine maintains a natural and fluid conversation with a human being.

The objective is for the system to assimilate the category of a word that is unknown through a conversation with a user, make confirmation requests to the user and make the user respond to these requests, in this way the machine acquiring more detailed knowledge of the conversations and Find out the meaning or assimilate it to other words.


This learning method uses machine learning techniques. The decisions of the system improved taking reference from the dialogues with other users.

The paradigm that opens in the near future is for computers to learn while talking with a partner in a conversation.

The research results of the University of Osaka show how a computer can become more intelligent through conversation with humans and become able to respond to user situations.

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Source video: The Japan Times

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