Laika, an interactive robot companion solution for you and your dog


CamToy is a French start-up that develops autonomous pet solution that are represented by four young entrepreneurs passionate about animals. They are the creators of Laika, the first robot of the brand, inspired by the personal experiences of the founders, and has been developed directly with veterinarians.

The function of Laika is to revolutionize the daily life of pets and take care of their moments of solitude, allowing them to interact with them wherever they are alone.

Laika pretends to be the first dog companion solution in the world. He is mobile, autonomous, intelligent solution and is made to change the life of your dog.

Laika, is your dog’s new best friend, because who cares for our friends when we’re away?

Laika is the perfect interactive companion for your dog and activating it mentally, and it helps you watch him when he is not with him.

With your smartphone, you can control Laika, you can interact, record and even reward it by giving cookies that are launched from the bot, no matter where you are.

Laika is made to be durable and can resist the jaws and fangs of their dogs, whether large or small.

Once Laika is at home, you must present it to your dog in an educational way. This will allow your pet to learn to deal with Laika without any stress or aggression.

Laika offers live videos and the built-in HD camera is perfect for watching your dog while you sleep, play.

Laika has the ability to detect barking and notifies you through the mobile application to interact with your dog in real time and see what happens.


With Laika, you can talk to your dog to alleviate his panic and anxiety, as well as reward him for being quiet using the cookie launcher.

The candy tank works with all the goodies that are less than 1.2 cm (the size of the tank is exactly 1.6 cm).

Laika uses machine learning and its algorithms to refine and optimize its behavior.

Laika will analyze your defects and qualities to continue stimulating your dog when you need it. Laika will have updates to become more and more intelligent.

You can download the Laika app on your phone or tablet through the Apple store or Google Play.

We can now buy Laika on the Indieogogo crowfunding platform

Source text and image: Camtoy, Indiegogo

Source video: Camtoy fr


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