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GJS Robot / Geio, combat robot with personality and AI emotions


Geio, which makes an imaginative gaming background for robot fans far and wide. GEIO, a modern robot with AI feelings with possess identity intended to battle honing itself or battling together with Ganker.

Fight robot Ganker was conceived in 2016 and quickly began a robot blast crowdfunding, raising USD 126,435 on Indiegogo and drawing in excess of 100,000 fans on the Facebook fan page. Luckily we currently have the second form, GEIO.

GEIO’s straightforward task configuration enables you to appreciate an amusement prepared for triumph.



GEIO has a one of a kind identity and AI feelings, demonstrating sentiments of interest, on account of despairing.

At the point when GEIO finds a totem, it naturally checks it and assimilates its enchanted power by filtering its weapons, mixing it up of unique power.

GEIO has a limit with regards to visual acknowledgment through programmed learning. It can perceive other GEIO, Gankers, totems and conditions. He can likewise perceive the groups of a person and cooperate normally with him.

GEIO has auto-focusing on and following aptitudes, will filter nature and find the adversaries. He can keep up the target perspective and shoot where target is pointed.


With the man-made brainpower acknowledgment calculation and the most recent mechanical innovation, it enables you to battle with robots, distinguishing and terminating at your adversary.

Control the vision of GEIO in context in first individual with your savvy gadget.

With a great running pace, GEIO can pivot 360 degrees and quicken 2 meters in only one moment.

GEIO was destined to make an extravagant feeling, having the capacity to have four diverse amusement modes: Royal Duel, Attack and Defense, Scavenger Hunt Race and Speed Race.

Content and pictures source: Indiegogo,

Source video: GJS ROBOT Youtube


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