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Solenica / Caia 2.0, intelligent robot, that finds and redirects natural light

 Caia 2.0. It is the world’s first powerful, convenient and economical solution to bring natural light to your home.

Caia 2.0 is a reality thanks to the fantastic work of its CEO and founder of the company Solenica Diva Tommei and its collaborators, through the ideogogo crowfunding platform they have raised 583,675 $ USD, 642% more than they had estimated.

Caia illuminates your home with real sunlight. . Caia assimilates where she has to direct sending sunlight and keeps it there all day while the sun follows its natural movement.

Simply place it in a place where the sun is both inside and outside a home, office, local … and point it to the direction you want to illuminate, and Caia does the rest.



It does not need clear, of plugs or recharges since Caia transmits the sunlight that it captures.

Caia, sometimes you may need that extra flexibility to reach the sunlight, by which you add a practical universal mounting system that allows you to place Caia anywhere you need: a railing, pole or wall.

Caia 2.0, has much more significant finishes than its previous model Lucy: Greater range of angles to redirect sunlight Metal instead of plastic housings for better durability on the outside A more precise sensor A folding design that reduces shipping costs

Our incredible robotic engineering team, of course! With experience in the European Space Agency, Singularity University and Cambridge, they are working day and night in Caia so that she is ready to light up her home or office.


Caia constantly takes light intensity readings using its sensor array or “pointer”. Caia’s patented algorithm uses light intensity values to locate your motorized mirror at the correct angle to illuminate your chosen destination.

As the sun moves Caia makes micro adjustments to the mirror position to maintain the perfect reflection angle. The sunlight that reflects also drives it, thus not being necessary an external energy source.

Source text and image: Indeogogo, Solenica

Source video: Solenica

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