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Tesla aims to revolutionize also the transport of goods, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, has been commissioned to present on Thursday November 16 in Los Angeles the amazing electric truck “Tesla Semi”, his first semi-trailer electric truck.

A vehicle whose batteries will have a range capable of traveling 800 kilometers on a single charge.

Tesla promises an autonomy of up to 800 km according to the EPA homologation cycle, with batteries that will withstand a rapid charge of 30 minutes to offer 600 km. There will be another option less capable, with an autonomy cut to 480 km.

The concept of Tesla Semi, is that of a powerful truck very compact and extremely futuristic.

The Tesla Semi is presented as a tractor for medium and long journeys with an aerodynamics never before seen in the world of large trucks. Its futuristic body is very prepared to face the wind thus announcing Tesla announces that its aerodynamic coefficient is able to compete with the very Bugatti Chiron (0.36 Cx against 0.35 of the supercar).

We emphasize how the front wheel arches extend backwards, the front wheels incorporate aerodynamic hubcaps and the rear wheels are completely hidden under a full fairing. Tesla says that the consumption per kilometer run is 1.25 Kw.


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Inside we find a unique arrangement of the driver in the world of trucks, placing the driver in a central position. The technology will be very present in it, it lacks mirrors and in its place two 15-inch screens are used, one on each side of the steering wheel.

Besides covering long distances without spending fuel, it will have an unprecedented acceleration for a transport vehicle of these characteristics: the unloaded vehicle will reach 100 km / hour in just five seconds and transporting the maximum weight allowed in the USA. (36,300 kg) in the amazing time of 20 seconds.

The big unknowns that were not revealed were the price of the Tesla Semi and the exact date of its arrival in the markets, although they said that the first units could be reserved in 2019.

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