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Sony / New mascot robot Aibo ER7


Artificial intelligence and internet connectivity are the proposals of the technology giant Sony, launching 12 years after its first pet robot a new bot of this totally innovative typology.

Sony presents a surprising domestic proposal with this new pet robot project, all thanks to a new team involved after its renowned robot dog “AIBO” that was the pioneer in this bot typology. The manufacture of “AIBO” was stopped in 2006.

This pet robot adapts to the domestic automata sector, acquiring a dog-like shape. Through many of its functions, it allows us to control household appliances, especially with voice commands, through intelligent speakers.

Since 2016, Sony announced its work with robots aimed at “winning the love of the people” and Kazuo Hirai, the President of Sony, commented on the introduction of Sony in a business model with new experiences for the user, thanks to the combination of entertainment domestic, audiovisual technologies and advances in artificial intelligence and robotics.

With the acquisition of artificial intelligence systems (AI) of the US company Cogitai and Sony’s prediction or learning programs, this release follows the steps of leading Japanese brands in telecommunications, such as Softbank in 2015 presenting its Android Pepper.

Pet robot capable of introducing this domestic entertainment at home, as a mascot that will control the daily tasks performed by the appliances through voice commands, similar to the smart speakers that Google and Amazon have recently introduced to the market.

In the next spring of 2018 this domestic Robot will be part of a reality, with the advantages of Internet connectivity and thanks to the great technological advances made by the Japanese company.

Controlling the devices of daily use and even playing with a ball, looking like a pet and after 12 years, the best of robotics for the home returns thanks to the strategic work that we were all waiting for from Sony.

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