Jaguar / “Sayer”, smart steering wheel


Presented the design of the new steering wheel created with artificial intelligence Sayer Jaguar, intended to be used very presumably in the new autonomous cars in the near future.

It has cutting-edge technology, which incorporates the benefits of artificial intelligence, and is a safe bet for vehicles driven with portable steering wheels for 2040.

With carsharing and autonomous driving and with this Intelligent Sayer steering wheel prototype, Jaguar Land Rover shows us its strong link with artificial intelligence.

Steering wheel that the driver can replace and use in models compatible with the method proposed by the leading manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover.

Sayer was presented at the first Tech Fest in London during the month of September.

Jaguar proposes artificial intelligence in its models and a safe driving in which the voice commands will allow you to communicate and in turn will offer you the advantages of the new Sayer.

Probably in the coming decades there will be no car owners, but intelligent flyers, manufactured from the parameters of artificial intelligence, and in turn there will be the option now in the mouth of shared cars. Sayer will perform its functions in autonomous vehicles and in turn will also allow the driver to take control manually when deemed convenient.

Jaguar presents this concept that will soon control your life, with a responsible and ecological management where high-quality recyclable materials are accompanied by intelligent betting.

In the Jaguar Future-Type Concept that is presented as a three-seater vehicle, all drivers will enjoy the individual seat in the front position, while in the opposite position the co-driver can have a face-to-face conversation with the driver.

Listening to music, resting or reading, will be possible on board the Jaguar Future-Type and all this thanks in large part to the magnificent steering wheel with Sayer artificial intelligence.

Vision of the future added to the artificial intelligence of Jaguar in its most innovative flyers!

Source video, image and text: ENGINEERING TODAY

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