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Washington Post / Robot publishes more than 2 news per day. Wauuuu


‘The Washington Post’ is an innovative means of communication.

Heliograf, the robot journalist of ‘The Washington Post’, has written 850 pieces of information in its first operational year, reports ‘Digiday’.

Technology based on Artificial Intelligence began producing short reports during the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. It was followed by part of the US elections, where it produced 500 pieces of information that produced more than 500,000 clicks.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence in journalistic work allows journalists to devote themselves to elaborate more in-depth reporting and not to devote time to the most basic news.

In principle the use of this artificial intelligence is to cover these more basic news, comment the newspapers that are beginning to use it. The reality is that there is still time for robots to improve their creative capacity enough.

AP, estimates that the IA has released 20 percent of the time that journalists dedicate to cover corporate income.
“In the case of automated financial news coverage by AP, the copy error rate decreased even when the volume of production increased more than tenfold,” said Francesco Marconi, AP strategy manager.

This technology is also capable of alerting journalists when news is produced. The Washington Post robot was able to warn his newspaper when the results of the presidential election were beginning to change course.
The objective of Heliograf is to attract different audiences by offering personalized services depending on the different client profiles.

According to Jeremy Gilbert, director of strategic initiatives for The Washington Post, Heliograf will initially cover high school football games in Washington DC.

Article source: Digiday
Source of images: Pixabay

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