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PostBOT / the DHL delivery robot



DHL announces that it is going to test a robot of distribution “PostBot” in Bad Hersfeld accompanying during six weeks to reartidores that make their daily routes.

The project was announced at a press conference between city mayor Thomas Fehling and Jürgen Gerdes, CEO of the Post-eCommerce division of DHL. PostBOT is an automotive electric robot that aims to accompany the carrier and reduce delivery times, helping you at work.

The bot can transport up to six mail trays, making effective multiple advantages that increase the load and delivery time. PostBot was created by a French company Effidence SAS, together with delivery staff of the Deutsche Post company.

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The robot transport up to 150 kilograms and its sensors follow the carrier along the route that leads to perform.

The bot that is prepared to work in any meteorological situation is able to overcome the obstacles that prevent it from carrying out a normal route and stops when the displacement is difficult avoiding dangerous situations.

“Day after day, our delivery staff performs an exceptional but tiring job, and we are constantly working on new solutions to enable our employees to handle this physically challenging job even as they age,” says Jürgen Gerdes.

The bot would allow the workers to have a better quality of life: “Workers could work for many years, without having to exercise great strength or do such a costly job.”

DHL /Apply robotics in Logistics

Prepared by situations from sci-fi, and also by promotion and wild theory from the world’s media, DHL has for a long time foreseen the period of mechanical autonomy.

DHL are worried that robots may take occupations and keep an eye on us. DHL envision that they will arrive not in twos but rather in tremendous armed forces prepared to adjust everlastingly life as we probably am aware it. Actually, obviously, very extraordinary. Energizing as it may be, mechanical autonomy innovation is by all accounts arriving gradually yet without a doubt in mindful and all around thought about stages.

DHL inspect the present condition of mechanical technology and computerization in the coordinations business and offer a visionary standpoint of how the supply chains will be changed and enhanced by the developing innovation drift.

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