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PocketLab Air is a high-resistance meteorological center capable of measuring: temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, heat index, dew point, and can be connected to an external temperature probe.

PocketLab Air has been launched in a Kickstarter crowfunding campaign, obtaining a 29-day financing of the end of the campaign of US $ 62,911 from the goal of the initial $ 25,000 originally planned.

The PocketLab team is a small group of engineers and teachers who believe in the joy of science.

“We believe it is important that everyone understand science and explore the world around them. We love our customers and users around the world and we hope you will join us! “Says the PocketLab team on the web


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With PocketLab Air’s Mission mode, you can collaborate on global weather, air quality and weather experiments. Share data contributions from other PocketLab Air users or send data to research created by citizen scientists, classroom teachers and air quality and climate researchers.
PocketLab Air allows anyone to be a scientist and explore the world around them.

You can better understand the quality of the air in your community and participate in activities related to environmental care.

You can see in your data map in an interactive user interface how air pollution changes from one place to another.

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PocketLab Air adapts perfectly to all technological devices and equipment
All PocketLab Air come with a custom molded carrying case and accessories to go out into the world and explore.

PocketLab Air is small, rugged and portable so you can connect it to things like weather balloons and drones.

You can see the sensor data on any phone, tablet or computer with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

Transmit data wirelessly in real time using Bluetooth 4.0. PocketLab Air can transmit up to 250 feet when in direct line of sight.

Store up to 30,000 data points in the internal memory and then download the data to your phone, tablet or computer.

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