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Land Rover and Jaguar / will manufacture all its hybrid and electric cars in 2020


The leading brand Land Rover and Jaguar announces that by the year 2020 internal combustion will be a thing of the past and all its cars from this date will be electric or hybrid.

In the celebration of the Tech Fest where the future of mobility is exposed the British manufacturer, has announced that it will sell the electric Jaguar E-Type Zero, thus manifesting its commitment to the advances of a 100% electrical mechanics.

Land Rover and Jaguar bet on this sports prototype of the future, demonstrating the growth of electrification in the industrial course that in the year 2020 will restructure the sector with all its electric cars available to the public, now with greater options in these plug-in hybrids.

With a wide portfolio of vehicles such as the Jaguar I-PACE one of the first with high performance artificial intelligence that will go on sale entirely electric, preparing the future with the base of the E-Type Zero vanguard engine was created by the same team of Jaguar Classic.

Exploring this model shows how the cars will be in 2040, with a total autonomous virtual concept and connected the world with a FUTURE-TYPE interface, from where it can be accessed by different digital spheres of leisure, work or family, choosing or discarding what is preferred

With a future ideology, Jaguar is betting on an electric motor with artificial intelligence that goes from 0 to 100 km / h in only 5.5 seconds that has the base of the E-Type Zero.

According to the English manufacturer to use this volvo with artificial intelligence (AI) will be necessary to be part of a club that will have charged the battery to 100%.

With regard to the intelligent steering wheel, which revolutionizes the operation of “Sayer” vehicles, which can be used outside the car in homes when it is still active.

Jaguar in 2020 will only sell hybrids and electric!

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