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Keecker / bot that promotes entertainment, communication and…

Entertainment, your movies and series can now go everywhere with you. With Keecker you can have a screen and speakers in any room you want.
Music everywhere
A true star of the party.
With Keecker you can easily communicate at any time thanks to its application via smartphone.
You can check what happens in your house where you want to be.Keecker, an all-in-1 bot that owns:
360 ° camera
Roof and wall projection
Sound system
Frontal camera


 Resultado de imagen de robot keecker

Its attractive round shape combined with its unique design were designed for smooth navigation in any home, apartment or office.

(38.8 cm) high
(37.8 cm) wide
(39.7 cm) long
8.5 kilograms
Projection entertainment
You can live unparalleled film experiences …
Just 1.5 meters from the wall, Keecker projects a diagonal image of 78 “(2m) From the wall to the ceiling, experience your movies and applications like never before.
Full HD Resolution at 720p – Full HD and 4K compatible
1000 lumens and 20,000 hours of projection life (like a TV)
Auto-focus and auto-keystone


 Resultado de imagen de robot keecker


Projector entertainment
90 ° adjustable LED spotlight on any surface
Contrast ratio
6000: 1
Super powerful audio system 4.1 Digital sound processing specially developed to transmit a sound of exceptional quality and to make you live a unique musical experience in the heart of your home.
Extremely silent: <25 dB
Up to 117 decibels, equivalent to a concert or a plane taking off.
4.1 Audio system
4×10 watt full range speakers and 1×50 watt subwoofer
Cameras entertainment
When traveling, from the office, in transportation, always have an eye on your home and your family!
Upper chamber
Sony 13Mp camera with 360 ° fisheye lens for panoramic view
Frontal camera
5Mp camera for remote mobility
Depth detection camera
A 3D depth camera to map your home, avoid and avoid obstacles, detect holes or movements.
Advice for more security:
The upper LEDs turn red to alert you when the camera is turned on.
2 versions of flash memory: 32GB or 160GB
Memory: 3GB (RAM)
Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 820, 2.2GHz, quad core
Sensors and microphones entertainment
Temperature, Humidity, Ambient Light Detection, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Infrared, GPS
2 microphones to optimize your voice interactions.

⦁ Battery life
Keecker is totally autonomous and knows when to go charging. Simply show the location of the charging station once during configuration and let Keecker do the work.
A lot of time to enjoy:
Autonomy of 6 hours in full use (with projection, sound and movement).
– 3 days of non-stop music (with sound and no projection).
– 7 days of surveillance in patrol mode (no sound, no projection, depending on the size of your home).

Resultado de imagen de robot keecker

Keecker can already be ordered on the website of its manufacturers with deliveries from November in the US and Canada for now, at a price of $ 1,790 for the 32 GB and 2,190 for the 160 GB.

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