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John Deere / Tango E5 series II, excellent robotic lawn mower


The Tango E5 Series II lawnmower is a mower that can mow automatically. The effort on the part of the user, therefore, practically reduces to zero and, sometimes, can even be controlled remotely with a Smartphone application.

The robot is designed to make your life more comfortable, performing the automatic maintenance of your garden, so you can dedicate yourself to enjoy other things that you like more.

It has a mulching system.

This system causes the torn grass to turn into finely chopped grass that will be thrown on the garden, fertilizing it and making it more resistant to drought. In addition, it has as an additional advantage not having to empty the grass catcher.

This robotic lawnmower mows more often than a conventional mower. The result is a perfect lawn.

A double shell protects the most important components, allowing Tango to work in any meteorological circumstance. The tango is resistant to the weather. The double casing protects the most important components – electronics, battery and motor – during long years of service.


 Resultado de imagen de tango 5 e serie 2Improvements to this model include a new operator interface and smarter navigation technology.

One of the innovations incorporated in the Series II model is the smarter navigation, which improves the riding pattern of the mower. A new sensor allows the robot to navigate the garden, approaching the perimeter cable and turning before reaching it.

Programming the TANGO E5 Series II is very easy. The large and simple screen controls make it easy to configure and make changes whenever you want. The new screen has a ‘next step’ function that tells you what TANGO E5 Series II is doing now and what you plan to do next.

It is easy to schedule mowing points with days and times that suit your preferences and your lawn. The tango is so silent, that it can be used even at night without disturbing anyone.

You can program the TANGO to sort out the specific challenges of your garden. Complex designs with trees and shrubs are not a problem, and neither are slopes of up to 36% (depending on the conditions and the shape of your garden).

In difficult conditions, you can reduce your working speed to achieve smoother operation. The new default working mode allows the mower to work at three speeds from 36 to 44cm / sec.

The integrated steel blade cuts quickly and cleanly. It is so resistant that it can mow throughout the season without losing its edge. To adjust the cutting height (19 to 102 mm), simply turn the protection.

Tango has a practical handle with a safety sensor that blocks the blade during transport.

The screen with PIN protection ensures that only its owner can use it. Security is also guaranteed; the blade stops automatically when the mower is lifted, when it makes contact with obstacles or when it intervenes in the machine.

It has a red stop button placed on the top of the mower very visible and accessible. Pressing will abort any operation immediately. On both sides of the button are the labels that explain the safe operation of the machine.

Tango uses a lithium battery with enough power to cover surfaces of up to 2200m². The robotic lawnmower knows when it needs to be recharged and goes to the charging station automatically.

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